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We turn learning into an engaging experience

  • Feb 26 / 2015
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We turn learning into an engaging experience

Most e-learning focusses on what Mr Bloom calls foundation thinking skills; remembering, understanding and applying. We turn Bloom’s taxonomy upside down and focus on those higher order thinking skills: analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

We do this by using interactions that help to provide experiences; where learners must use those higher order thinking skills to make a decision or solve a problem. We then use tools to ‘backfill’ only if the learner requires it. So, if they need to make a decision, but are unsure of the correct information, help agents such as ‘Speak with your supervisor’, ‘Search the internet’, or similar, provide a realistic approach to filling in the blanks, just like we can in real life!

If you would like to see how we make learning more of an experience, then take a look at our demo.

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