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VISUMATION provides best practice, forward thinking learning design capabilities.

Our story

Our story

There is an art and a science to instructional design. Not only does it have to be based on the correct adult learning theories, it must look good.

One of the first things a salesperson is taught is that you can’t sell something that you don’t believe in. That goes for training tool; you can teach something you don’t believe in.

At VISUMATION we are passionate about making courses that allow you to achieve the best possible training outcomes. We can do this because we believe that learning is not just about skills and knowledge, but about attitudes. Developing learning objectives that concentrate on the affective domain (Bloom’s taxonomy of learning domains), learners not only discover the information they need, but they can own it, promote it and believe it.

We create cutting edge courses for our clients, using the most flexible and current technologies. We want to share our knowledge and passion for instructional design with you; that’s why we offer customised instructional design courses for our clients.

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There is an art and a science to instructional design. Contact us