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Arrow Energy – Process Safety Program

  • Feb 25 / 2015
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Arrow Energy – Process Safety Program

A two-module program based on an updated Arrow Energy template.


Arrow Energy is a highly conscientious, integrated coal seam gas company, safely and sustainably delivering a world class CSG to LNG project.

The challenge

Communicating key Process Safety and Management of Change concepts to the workforce is a critical component of the key goal of Target Zero and safety leadership. Ensuring that highly technical content is not only accurate, but engaging required a number of highly interactive and gamified elements.

The solution

Each module aims to provide learners with a number of typical process safety situations where decisions are critical to workplace and community safety. Learners engage in various activities, as well as case studies where they choose their own pathway by choosing from sets of realistic options. Due to the complexity of the content, assessment banks at the end of each topic have been employed to help reduce cognitive stress.

The result

Highly interactive and gamified modules have been designed with the key aim to transfer safety critical concepts to a broad range of learners, with impressive results.

Development tool

Articulate Storyline, template design by Amanda Stoner.

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