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Department of Transport – Corporate card

  • Feb 25 / 2015
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Department of Transport – Corporate card

A scenario-based program of two courses; A) Application and B) Refresher (12 monthly).


The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads provides vehicle licencing and registration services to the Queensland public. A number of staff are required to manage a Corporate Credit Card as part of their role responsibilities.

The challenge

Originally run as a face-to-face course, time constraints of facilitators and geographical disbursement of learners created a constant backlog for application and refresher training.
A particular challenge for this training was the proof of delivery of compliance requirement in the event of card misuse.

The solution

Corporate card A & B scenario-based training was designed to provide learners with a number of typical purchasing situations where procedural decisions are critical to correct use of the card and avoidance of legal action for invalid purchasing decisions. Learners engage in stories where they choose their own ending by selecting from realistic options, stimulating higher-order thinking. This may result in continuing through to successful completion, or the story terminating early due to a negative, but realistic consequence. Learners may ‘play’ each story as many times as they wish.
Once the learner has ‘played’ their stories, an assessment was provided to ensure all learning outcomes had been delivered, and act as proof of content transfer for legal requirements.

The result

Three character-based scenarios were been designed for the Application and Refresher training courses. As stories are based on real examples but are fictional, lessons can be learned about corporate card usage without suffering the embarrassment of very real legal consequences.

Development tool

Adobe Flash. Partnered with Uguru.

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